High capacity semi auto starch gummy mogul machine

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Model No.: SGDM300


This semo auto stach gummy mogul machine has the advantage of high capacity and flexible,  cost effective, easy operation, long using life. It can be used to deposit gelatin, pectin gummy into starch mould for different shapes. Gummy produced by this machine has uniform shapes, non sticky, short drying time and good taste.

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High capacity semi auto starch gummy mogul machine

Servo driven deposit starch gummy mogul machine is a semi automatic line for making high quality jelly candies by deposit into starch trays. The whole line consists of cooking system, starch conveyor system, starch feeder, depositor, destarch drum etc. It is applicable for all kinds of jelly-based material, like gelatin, pectin, carrageenan, acacia gum etc.

For production of deposited jelly candy, gummy bear, jelly bean etc

Production flowchart →

Gelatin melting→ Sugar & glucose boiling→ Add melt gelatin into cooled syrup mass → Storage→ Add flavor, color and citric acid→ Starch convey → Mould pressing  → Depositing→ Short Time Cooling→First destarch→ Secondary destarch → Oil or sugar coating → drying→ packing→ Final product

Step 1

Raw materials are automatic or manually weighed and put into dissolving tank, boil to 110 degrees Celsius and store in the storage tank. Gelatin melted with water to be liquid.


Step 2  

Boiled syrup mass pump into mixing tank through vacuum, after cooling to 90℃, add liquid gelatin into mixing tank, add citric acid solution, mixing with syrup for few minutes. Then transfer the syrup mass to storage tank. 

Step 3 

Syrup mass mixed with flavor & color, discharged to depositor. At the same time, wooden tray filled with starch and stamped by mould to form different candy shapes. When starch tray convey to deposit, deposit material into trays.


 Step 4 

Manually remove the trays from the depositor machine, cool for some time, pour starch and gummy into starch roller. Starch and gummy will be separated from the roller. Gummy will transfer out for oil or sugar coating. Later gummy can put onto trays for drying.