Automatic depositing machine for healthy vitamin gummy bears

Short Description:

Model No.: SGDQ150


This machine is used to produce pectin gummy with capacity 100-150kg/h. Machine use steam or electromagnetic heating source, controlled by PLC and servo driver, from material cooking to final gummy, full process is automatic.

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Depositing machine is an advanced and continuous machine for making pectin gummy by using metal or silicone mould. The whole line consists of cookersteam heating for electrical heating, lobe pump, storage tank, smart depositor, flavor and color dynamic mixer, measuring pump, cooling tunnel with automatic demoulder, Chain conveyor, belt conveyor, sugar or oil coating machineThis line is suitable for confectionery factory to produce all kinds of vitamin gummy bears in single color, two colors, center filling. 

depositing machine for healthy vitamin gummy bears

Production flowchart →

Raw material preparation → cooking → Storage → Flavor, color and citric acid automatic dosing→ Depositing→ Cooling→ Demoulding→ Conveying→ drying→ packing→ Final product


Electromagnetic heating cooker 

Capacity: 400L
Made of stainless steel 304
Heating power: 0-30Kw adjustable
Accessories: stirrer with teflon blades


Jacketed storage tank

Capacity: 300L
Made of stainless steel 304
Heating power: 6Kw
Lobe pump: 1.5Kw


Servo control depositor

Hopper: 2sets jacketed hoppers with oil heating
Made of stainless steel 304
Filling pistons: 20pcs
Accessories: manifold plate


Cooling tunnel

Made of stainless steel 304
Colling compressor power: 8kw
Adjustment: cooling temperature adjust range: 0-30 ℃


Candy moulds

Made of aluminum allow, coated with teflon
Candy shape can be Custom made
Quick mounting moulds are available for choice


Production of different shaped pectin gummy 


Tech Specification:

Model SGDQ150
Capacity 100-150kg/h
Candy Weight as per the candy size
Depositing Speed 45 ~55n/min
Working Condition


Total power 35Kw/380V/220V
Total Length 15m
Gross Weight 4000kg

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